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This page is here only to test and fiddle with randomization of a deck of cards


Deck o' Cards

What You Can Do

Defining suit:
Ace, Five, Nine, and King [1, 5, 9, 13]
Ascendant suit:
Four, Eight and Queen [4, 8, 12]
Center suit:
Three, Seven, and Jack [3, 7, 11]
Descendant suit:
Two, Six, and Ten [2, 6, 10]

Select Order Suit for Personal Deck:

Suit's Description:

 The Suit of Rams covers the physical world and personal willpower. Rams has influence over Physical Augmentation, Healing, Physical damage, and Willpower.
 The Suit of Crows involves entropy. Crows has influence over armor, Decay, undead, and Wounds.
 The Suit of Masks holds sway over madness and perception. Masks has influence over Deception, Defense, Speed, and Agility.
 The Suit of Tomes is the master of magic. Tomes has influence over constructs, Elements, Magic damage and Magical Prowess.

What's on the Table

What's on the Hand